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Target Pests

Target Pests

 Defend Your Garden Against Pests

A failed pesticide screening can kill your entire crop just as readily as the pests that were attacking it! You have alternatives to controlling pests with chemicals. Beneficial insects and predatory mites can help.

Click on one of the target pests below for more information about how to defend your garden from this pest:

Learn More About Aphids Learn More About Broad Mites Learn More About Fungus Gnats Learn More About Russet Mites 

 Learn More About Root Aphids Learn More About Spider Mites Learn More About Thrips 




  • What to look for: Reduced growth, honeydew, and their common companion: ants!
  • Significant rate of reproduction.
  • Success using biocontrols requires an early start and regular maintenance. 

Treat Aphids


Broad Mites

  • What to Look for: Distorted growth.
  • Small size makes ID difficult.
  • Eggs are covered in 'jewel-like' tuberacles.




Fungus Gnats

  • What to look for: Gnats with distinct 'Y' vein on wings.
  • Black-headed larvae, which feed on roots.
  • Fungus gnats are attracted to persistently wet soils.


 Treat Fungus Gnats

russet-mitesHemp Russet Mites

  • What to look for: Leaf 'taco'-ing or yellowing at leaf edges.
  • Easily spread onto clones, clothing, and will travel on the wind.
  • Invisible to the naked eye.


Treat Russet Mites

Root Aphidsaphid-from-rooting-system-oval.png

  • What to look for: Leaf chlorosis (yellowing) and reduction in yield.
  • Both winged and non-winged aphid adults crawl around pots and stems.
  • Spread primarily through contaminated soil.



Treat Root Aphids


Two-Spotted Spider Mites

  • What to look for: Leaf stippling and webbing.
  • Spider mites thrive in high heat and low humidity.

Treat Spider Mites

Western Flower Thrips


  • What to look for: Blotchy feeding damage and black spots from frass (waste products).
  • Thrips have 5 distinct life cycles, making control complex.
  • Incredibly high reproductive potential makes early action critical.

 Treat Thrips