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Beetles Otiorhynchus sulcatus


Beetles belong to the order Coleoptera, a well-known group of insects that are easily recognizable on account of their hard wing covers (elytra). With more than 350,000 known species, Coleoptera is the largest of all insect orders and displays an enormous variety of form, size and habit.

  • Entonem 50 million - Steinernema feltiae (OMRI Approved) Natural Enemies Organic Chemical-Free Pest Control, Natural Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Caterpillars, Beetles Control.

    Entonem (OMRI)

    Instructions for Nematodes The nematode activity is affected by soil temperature. For optimum nemat…
    Use For Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Beetles, Caterpillars
    Species S. feltiae

Questions About Beetles?

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