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Crops in GreenhouseFounded in 2014 by Shane Young, the team at Natural Enemies began designing pest management solutions for cannabis growers that used beneficial insects, rather than commercial pesticides, to manage their pest-related concerns. In the ensuing years, Natural Enemies became a trusted resource for cannabis cultivators throughout the country. Specializing in helping growers make the transition away from harsh chemical-based pesticides by offering an purely organic alternative. They gained a reputation as an industry-leading distributor of predatory mites and beneficial insects, dispensing reliable advice and offering cost-effective solutions for cannabis growers eager to provide a healthy end-product their customers could trust.

By 2019, cannabis cultivation had grown from from a disjointed, relatively small and unstable cluster of markets - but was expanding quickly following the cascade of medical and recreational legalizations in various states across the county - to a thriving, financially reliable and seemingly sustainable, unified national market. Recognizing the unyielding momentum of the cannabis market, and projecting even-further exponential growth, the industry-leading direct suppliers of beneficial insects, such as Koppert Biological Systems, began to take notice.

Looking for an entry-point into the cannabis market in 2018, the major suppliers of beneficial insects looked first to their distributor partnerships, leaning on their previous experience in the cannabis market. Luckily, Koppert and NE had already been in partnership for a length of time when Koppert’s Head of Horticultural Sales, Danny El-Alaidi, reached out to Shane, founder of NE, to begin the conversation about the prospect of having his team be a part of the Koppert family.

Although Koppert was not the only direct supplier to show interest in acquiring NE, the management team decided that, given Koppert's superior product quality and impressive research, design, and innovation efforts, but also - perhaps more importantly - their commitment to upholding our shared values of trust, compassion, and furthering solidifying the relationship between Nature & Humanity, Koppert simply felt like the natural ‘fit’ for the NE team.

With the announcement of Koppert’s acquisition of NE in April of 2019, they gained a new array of team members that offered invaluable expertise in both sales and service, alongside a deep knowledge-base of how best to use beneficial insects and predatory mites in cannabis cultivation. Because of the following developed by the NE team since its inception, and the trust these long-term customers had placed in them, Koppert decided to retain the Natural Enemies brand, and today NE is proud to say they are a direct division of Koppert Biological Systems.

A couple years into this beautiful partnership and continues to be the most trusted place where growers of all sizes and experience-levels can visit to gain knowledge, ask questions, and, armed with the full-arsenal of the Koppert product catalogue, source the most reliable and advanced pest-management, plant health and resilience, and pollination products available anywhere in the marketplace.

From all of us here at the Natural Enemies/Koppert Biological Systems family, we thank you for stopping by, and encourage you to reach out to one of our team members at any time, for any reason. We would love to hear from you!