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Growth & Resilience

Growth & Resilience

As a crucial component of your overall success as a cultivator, an effective IPM plan should incorporate strategies that go beyond simply responding to pests and pathogens, as they appear. It is well known that weak plants are the most vulnerable plants. Developing strategies that focus on improving your crop's robustness will greatly aid in the plant's resilience. The more resilient your crop is, the less likely it is to become infected. We offer a number of products to incorporate into your growth and resilience strategy to ensure that you grow the strongest, healthiest plants possible.

  • Trianum 500g Box
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    Trianum-P (500g)

    Application Trianum-P Trianum-P Biological Fungicide applications methods include soil applications…
    Use For Root Pathogens Protection
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  • Microflora SA - Liquid formulation consortium of natural rhizobacteria Natural Enemies Organic Chemical-Free Pest Control, Natural Powdery mildew Control.
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    Microflora SA

    General information Microflora SA is formulated to  amend the soil in  food crops and orn…
    Use For Growth and Resilience
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Questions About Growth & Resilience?

Our team of experts is at your disposal to help you make the best decisions according to the particular needs of your crop. Do not hesitate to call us during normal business hours at (503) 342-6698 or write us through our chat to provide you with personalized service. We will be more than happy to help you!