Aphidus colemani (A. colemani - 1000 Count Vial)

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Instructions for Vials & Bottles

Release weekly at low rates as aphids begin to appear in the crop. If aphid colonies become established, make localized hotspot treatments or intervene at the economic threshold. If aphids are suspected of transmitting virus or populations are high, use a compatible chemical control before releasing Aphidius colemani. Do not spray between release of adults and mummy formation.

• Open among plants in the greenhouse.

• With the vial held horizontally at 45° angle, carefully remove the lid.

• Release adult parasites evenly by gently tapping the opened vial while walking through the crop.

• Recap the vial and store at greenhouse temperature until more adults have hatched.

• Repeat the distribution of adults daily for 2-4 days.

• Place the open vial containing the remaining mummies upright in the crop for 3-4 days.

• Make introductions early in the day or in late afternoon/early evening.

Storage and transport

• Keep out of direct sunlight.

• Transport and store at 43-50°F.

• Use within 18 hours of receipt.

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