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Aphid Spp.
Aphidius ervi
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Instructions for use

Do not keep the container closed while waiting for mummies to hatch because it may reduce the hatch rates. Release weekly at low rates as aphids begin to appear in the crop. If aphid colonies become established, make localized hotspot treatments or intervene at the economic threshold with a compatible insecticide. If aphids are suspected of transmitting a virus or populations are high, use a compatible chemical before releasing Ervipar. Do not spray between release of adults and mummy formation.

  • Open in the greenhouse.
  • Walk around the area to be treated, holding the bottle open at a 45º angle, releasing emerged adults into the air.
  • Distribute adults evenly over the area. Recap the bottle and store at greenhouse temperature until more adults have hatched.
  • Repeat the distribution of adults daily for 2-4 days until most adults have emerged from the bottle OR tie the vial so it hangs among the leaves, and leave the vial in the greenhouse for 3-4 days allowing remaining parasites to escape as they emerge from the mummies.
  • Finish by placing open bottle in the greenhouse next to plants in case more hatch.
  • Make introductions early in the day or in late afternoon/early evening.
  • Aphidius ervi can also be reared on banker plants.

Storage and transport

  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Transport and store at 43-50°F.
  • Use within 18 hours of receipt.

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