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Aphid Spp.
Aphidoletes aphidimyza
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When to use Aphidend?

Use Aphidend for biological pest control of a wide range of aphid species, as soon as aphid colonies appear.

How does Aphidend work?

Aphid colonies disperse a smell of honeydew that attracts adult gall-midges. They deposit their eggs in these colonies, providing an immediate food source for the larvae. Upon hatching, the larvae paralyze and then consume the aphids.

Application Aphidend

  • Open the bottle of Aphidend in the greenhouse
  • Place the bottle directly on the soil or hang it in between the plants by using a Biotag to keep it out of reach of ants
  • Do not scatter the contents!
  • Once hatched, the gall-midges will leave the bottle and spread
  • One bottle of Aphidend has a range of approximately 3,000 m2. The 500 ml bottle introduces at least three gall-midges per m2.
  • Use the peel-off label to mark where the product has been introduced

Questions about Aphidend?

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