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Spidex Vital

Use For:
Two-Spotted Spider Mites
P. persimilis
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Product Details

General Instructions for Use:

  • Immediately before opening, tap base of the bottle sharply on a solid surface to dislodge mites from inner surface, and gently roll the bottle to distribute the mites evenly throughout carrier material.

  • Apply mites repeatedly by inverting the bottle over spider mite-infested leaves.

  • Each inversion delivers a measured amount of vermiculite.

  • Tap and roll bottle before re-opening it.

  • Leave empty bottle and cap open on infected plants to allow any remaining predators to walk-out.

  • For Cannabis operations, due to the resinous (i.e. sticky) nature of advanced trichome production, it is recommended to avoid applying this loose material to plants entering the mid-to-late stages of the flowering cycle.

  16oz/500ml Bottle for Large Areas:

  • Distribute the product over leaves, gently shaking and rotating bottle to give uniform distribution. Overly-vigorous shaking will kill mites.

  • Repeat release and increase the rate near established spider mite colonies until control is achieved.

 Instructions for use - Vial/Bottle (Hot-Spot Treatment):

  • Use higher than the recommended rate.

  • Open bottle in the garden area and touch the open bottle directly onto leaves, in locations where you see/have seen spider mites, or evidence of spider mite activity.
  • Carefully and with precision, repeat this step in strategic locations in the garden, releasing 10-20 mites per application site.

  • The more time and attention spent on this application method, the greater the returns will be.
  • Leave empty bottle and cap open on infected plants to allow any remaining predators to exit.

 Storage and transport

  • Store bottles horizontally and keep cool (not refrigerated) until use.

  • Transport and store at temps between 43-50°F.

  • Do not expose to extended periods of direct sunlight at any time.

To see the impact of pesticides on natural enemies please visit, Chemical Side Effects Guide 


Phytoseiulus persimilis is a predatory mite that feeds only on two-spotted spider mite adults, nymphs, and eggs. Because spider mites are their only food source, Persimilis are best introduced when spider mites are first discovered, rather than preventatively. Once they exhaust their food source they will disperse or die of starvation. Persimilis do not go into diapause and are capable of complete eradication of spider mite populations if climate conditions are suitable

How It Works

Adults and young stages feed voraciously on all two-spotted spider mite life stages.

Effective at wide temperature range above 57°F and can be used outdoors as well.

At temperatures over 86°F, spider mite growth rate will overtake that of Phytoseiulus.

Less active at low light levels but will not go into diapause.

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