SPIDEX - 10,000 Phytoseiulus persimilis in 500 ml vermiculite

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** The commercial size, 10,000 count bottle, can be ordered next day and shipped overnight, Mon-Thur, as long as we have the order before noon of that day. Orders placed between Thursdays at noon and the following Monday will ship on Mondays.**

General Instructions for Use:

  • Immediately before opening, tap base of the bottle sharply on a solid surface to dislodge mites from inner surface, and gently roll the bottle to distribute the mites evenly throughout carrier material.

  • Apply mites repeatedly by inverting the bottle over spider mite-infested leaves.

  • Each inversion delivers a measured amount of vermiculite.

  • Tap and roll bottle before re-opening it.

  • Leave empty bottle and cap open on infected plants to allow any remaining predators to escape.


  16oz/500ml Bottle for Large Areas:

  • Distribute the product over leaves, gently shaking and rotating bottle to give uniform distribution. Overly-vigorous shaking will kill mites.

  • Repeat release and increase the rate near established spider mite colonies until control is achieved.

 Instructions for use - Vial/Bottle (Hot-Spot Treatment):

  • Use higher than the recommended rate.

  • Open bottle in the garden area and touch the open bottle directly onto leaves, in locations where you see/have seen spider mites, or evidence of spider mite activity.
  • Carefully and with precision, repeat this step in strategic locations in the garden, releasing 10-20 mites per application site.

  • The more time and attention spent on this application method, the greater the returns will be.
  • Leave empty bottle and cap open on infected plants to allow any remaining predators to exit.

 Storage and transport

  • Store bottles horizontally and keep cool (not refrigerated) until use.

  • Transport and store at temps between 43-50°F.

  • Do not expose to extended periods of direct sunlight at any time.

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