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Entonem (OMRI)

Use For:
Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Beetles, Caterpillars
S. feltiae
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Instructions for Nematodes

The nematode activity is affected by soil temperature. For optimum nematode activity the soil temperature should be between 57ºF and 85ºF. The nematodes will remain active at temperatures below 57ºF, but the associated bacteria will not function until the temperature rises above this threshold. Soil temperatures above 86º F are harmful to S. feltiae. Use at 7-14 day intervals. Growing media pH must be between 3 and 8 and should be moist before and after application.

  • Mix one 50 million pack per 30-50 gal/1,000ft2 (115-190l/100m2).
  • Empty packs into a large bucket, then add water (water temperature approximately 70°F, and mix thoroughly.
  • Rinse bucket contents into sprayer tank using the standard spray tank sieve.
  • Add the required volume of additional water to the sprayer. Continually agitate contents of spray tank during application. Maintain this until spraying is completed.
  • Once nematodes have been mixed with water, use immediately.
  • Effectiveness may be improved by adding a wetting agent.
  • Apply in high humidity conditions for foliar applications.
  • Nozzle opening at least one millimeter.
  • Remove all fine filters (less than one millimeter), including those in the nozzles, from the sprayer. Remove filters in spray system.
  • Use a large droplet to provide a coarse spray pattern.
  • For ornamentals under cover, spray onto growing media around plant roots.
  • After growing media application, the treated area should be lightly irrigated from above to wash the nematodes into the growing media. Do not soak the growing media causing the nematodes to wash out of the pots.

Storage and transport

  • Store Entonem in a refrigerator 41°F. Do not freeze.
  • Check expiration date on pack and use before they expire. 
  • Do not put the container in direct sunlight.
  • Upon receipt remove outer packaging and ensure good air circulation around each pack.
  • Use entire package contents at one time. Do not subdivide packs because each contains a measured dose of nematodes

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