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Swirskii Info Page


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Effective use in Commercial Cannabis cultivation:

Rates with Swirskii in cannabis seem to vary a little from what the traditional, registered rates
would indicate. Instead of treating in meters, and as a row crop, we recommend that each
plant have direct attention paid to them, for optimal results. The climate fluctuation and
temperature and humidity variations, along with the plant’s rapid growth pattern, necessity to
ensure proper air movement, and hairiness/stickiness of the plant all combine to make
cannabis a complex and difficult crop to treat.

For Commercial Cannabis Rates, please fill out our Commercial Cultivation Inquiry for a
discrete, personalized Chemical-Free Pest Management plan.
Swirskii are available in 200 count cases of mini sachets with hooks, 1,000 count cases of mini
sachets with hooks, 1,000 count cases of sachets on sticks, or in bulk in 25,000 count one
liter shaker tubes or 125,00 count five liter bags.


Amblyseius swirskii adults have 8 legs and their body is singular, rather than segmented, with
under 20 back hairs. A. swirskii cannot be distinguished from a number of other predatory
mites of the same genus - such as A. cucumeris, A. californicus, or A. andersoni - with the
naked eye. The differences in appearance are subtle, and can only be seen under a
microscope. The color of A. swirskii is dependent on what the mites have been eating. This can
vary from dark red to purple, to light yellow. With thrips and whitefly as prey, the color tends to
be a kind of light orange. The mites feed by piercing small arthropod prey or grains of pollen
with their mouthparts and draining the contents.

Life Cycle

Adult female mites lay single eggs onto leaf hairs. The mites go through three immature stages:
larva, protonymph, and deutonymph, before becoming adults. At 77F, the entire cycle from egg
to adult can take less than 7 days. All mobile stages are predatory. 

For Best Results:

Mini sachets:

• Hang from crop wire or immediately below plant canopy
• Do not hang adjacent to heating pipes
• Duration of sachet activity is 3-6 weeks, though longer-lasting control may be evident if the
mites establish in the crop
• Use at one per 6.5ft of crop row.

Shaker Tube (Bulk):

• 1 liter, containing 25,000 mites, or 5 Liter bag containing 125,000 mites
• Shake small quantities of Amblyseius swirskii onto the crop near base of plant
• We have found it to be very effective to create multiple release points by distributing bulk
product from liter containers into solo cups, with hooks, and hang in plant’s canopy.
• Shake small quantities of Amblyseius Swirskii onto the crop. Avoid applying near flowers -
the product and its carrier agent will stick to the trichomes.

Storage and Transport:

• Keep out of direct sunlight
• Transport and store at 50F - 59F
• Use within 18 hours of receipt