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Natural Enemies was founded in 2014 when owner Shane Young saw the emerging cannabis market and the need to help educate cultivators on the effective use of BCA's (Biological Control Agents).

Shane left his job as Plant Health Manager, jumped in his car, and started knocking on warehouse doors in Oregon and Washington. Over the past four years, Shane and his team have established Natural Enemies as a leader in Chemical-Free Pest Management in Commercial Cannabis Cultivation.

Natural Enemies strives to provide superior customer service, continuing education, and personalized plans for each of our commercial customers.  

Shane Young - Owner


Shane Young and the Natural Enemies team are the industry leaders on using beneficial insects in a commercial cannabis growing environment. From coast-to-coast, Shane guides top tier cannabis companies towards best practices in their fight against pests, and in how to avoid the dangers inherent to chemical pesticides, by working with nature instead of against it.  

Before founding Natural Enemies, Shane spent seven years managing ornamental greenhouses for one of Greenhouse Growers Magazine's Top-25 grower. During his tenure, Shane developed and implemented a highly successful beneficial insects program, migrating his company away from the use of any chemicals.

Shane soon recognized the importance for patients using medicinal cannabis to grow and consume chemical-free medicine, and since 2014 has worked tirelessly to help cannabis growers reduce, and eventually eliminate, their reliance on chemical pesticides.

Natural Enemies has grown into the cannabis industry’s most reliable educator and supplier of beneficial insects. The Natural Enemies team travels to various locations around the country to provide informational and educational presentations, along with the occasional podcast interview, that engage both novice and experienced growers.


Gallus Crook - General Manager


Gallus joined the Natural Enemies team in 2016 as General Manager. After spending a decade in medical sales, he was excited to get back to helping a team/company grow, and to utilize his vast array of skills in service of a good cause. Prior to medical sales, Gallus worked in Retail Management, and the combination of the skills he has acquired in these varied industries has proven to be a valuable asset for the Natural Enemies team. He thrives in his role of overseeing the day-to-day operations and providing assistance to all of the members of the Natural Enemies team.

Gallus holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Oregon State University. He lives in SW Portland and in his off time enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, cooking, being in the outdoors, traveling, and is a connoisseur of live music.


Briggs Lipsitz - Lead Consultant

Briggs is the lead technical sales consultant at Natural Enemies.

With a background in large-scale commercial horticulture, Briggs has designed, implemented, and helped troubleshoot IPM programs in a multitude of settings.

Briggs brings a systems approach to pest management, and believes modern growers need to be lean in their thinking, and agile in their problem solving. 




Jarrod Jonsrud, Ph.D. - Operations Manager

Jarrod was brought on board at Natural Enemies in 2017, and is now the Operations Manager, handling everything from ordering & shipping, accounts payable/receivable, office management, and account management.

Jarrod received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon and his doctorate from the Pennsylvania State University. Jarrod enjoys, among other things, spending time with his family.