Phytoseiulus persimilis


 Key Features


Phytoseiulus persimilis is a predatory mite that feeds only on two-spotted spider mite adults, nymphs, and eggs. Because spider mites are their only food source, Persimilis are best introduced when spider mites are first discovered, rather than preventatively. Once they exhaust their food source they will disperse or die of starvation. Persimilis do not go into diapause and are capable of complete eradication of spider mite populations if climate conditions are suitable


How It Works

• Adults and young stages feed voraciously on all two-spotted spider mite life stages.

• Effective at wide temperature range above 57°F and can be used outdoors as well.

• At temperatures over 86°F, spider mite growth rate will overtake that of Phytoseiulus.

• Less active at low light levels but will not go into diapause.



***For a more in-depth look at how to use this predator effectively, including detailed information on life-cycle and application rates, please visit this link.***