Heterorhabditis bacteriophora


Key Features

• Provides at least 4 weeks of protection from black vine weevil and strawberry root weevil

• Provides effective curative control of Chafer grub in turf

• Heterorhabditis bacteriophora will actively seek out vine weevil and chafer grub larvae in the coil.

• Simple and safe to use, bacteriophora occurs naturally in soils.

• Apply through ground sprayers or irrigation

• Apply anytime whenever ground temperatures are above 54°F

How it Works

Harmless to the ornamental crops, humans, the environment and other beneficial insects, these nematodes actively seek out Leatherjackets and Cutworms by swimming in the thin film of water on soil particles. They locate hosts by detecting carbon dioxide and other waste products. After locating pest larvae, nematodes invade through natural body openings and inject bacteria into the insect. Bacteria develop within the insect and it dies of septicemia.





Many Nematodes are packaged in Europe and the date stamps on these products are usually in the form of DD/MM/YYYY.   The example here was shipped May 7th and the expiration date is June 5th, 2018