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Knowing and Recognizing Book

Knowing and recognizing – The growers’ guide to biological crop protection – now revised, expanded, and illustrated to give you a comprehensive overview of the most prevalent pests and diseases and ways of controlling them. … [Read More]


Use Trianum-P for: Trianum-P Biological Fungicide is a preventative biological fungicide for control of plant diseases.  The active ingredient is a microbe, Trichoderma harzianum.  When applied to seeds, transplants or other propa… [Read More]

Ulti-Mite Sachets

This patented breeding system is strongly resistant to both the low and high level of humidity and temps we see in Cannabis Cultivation.  The Ulti-Mite sachets preform at least 2x better than other products based on sub-optimal conditions.&… [Read More]

Questions About Miscellaneous?

Our team of experts is at your disposal to help you make the best decisions according to the particular needs of your crop. Do not hesitate to call us during normal business hours at (503) 342-6698 or write us through our chat to provide you with personalized service. We will be more than happy to help you!