Heterorhabditis bacteriophora -2 x 250 millon in powder tray

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Instruction for use

• Apply early morning or late evening to minimize the effect of heat and sunlight. Turn off artificial lights which may dry plant surfaces too quickly.

• The soil surface should be moist at the time of application.

• Apply with at least 4 litres / m2 water if applied direct to soil, for Chafer Grub 1,200 l/ha.

• For drench applications over foliage use lower volumes of water and irrigate within 30 minutes of treatment with at least 1 litre/ m2 to wash nematodes off the leaves and below the soil surface.

• For optimum results, keep the soil moist for 3-4 weeks after application.

• The entire spray solution should be applied once mixed. Do not store for longer than 4 hours.

• Remove all fine filters in the tubing and at the nozzles. Use nozzles with at least 0.8 mm diameter.

• Keep nematode solution agitated continuously; alternatively add carboxy-methyl cellulose (wallpaper paste) at 0.4% w/v to prevent nematodes settling, mixture should still be used within 4 hours.

• Do not exceed a pump pressure of 20 bar/ 300psi, for Dosatron 6 bar/ 100psi.

• For detailed instructions on application techniques, download the technical sheet or consult your Bioline advisor for more information.


• Avoid mixing with pesticides and adjuvants (wetting agents) unless compatibility checked.

• Ask your supplier; otherwise avoid application 1 week before and 2 weeks after application of pesticides.

• DO NOT mix with fertilizers. However, fertilization directly before or after application will not be a problem.

Storage and transport

• Use as soon as possible upon delivery.

• Use the entire pack at one time.

• The product may be stored for a limited period of time at 39 to 47°F. (See expiraiton date on the package).


• Store bags in a refrigerator without the box; In a cool storage room - open the carton but not the bag.

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