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Cryptobug Larvae Bottle 1,000 count - Cryptolaemus montrouzieri larvae

Use For:
Mealybugs Spp.
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Product Details

When to use Cryptobug-L?

Use Cryptobug for biological pest control of many mealybug species in all stages, as well as the Asian citrus psyllid.

How does Cryptobug-L work?

Predatory beetles and larvae eat the mealybugs completely

Application Cryptobug-L

  • Apply material on rock wool slabs for general introduction, or in Diboxes close to or at a hotspot
  • Place among infected leaves
  • Apply in the evening

Best working conditions Cryptobug-L

The minimum temperature for successful use of Cryptobug is 16°C/60.8°F. However, Cryptolaemus favors high temperatures and relative humidity. Therefore, Cryptobug is at its most effective at temperatures between 25°C/77°F and 28°C/82.4°F. Beetles are more mobile than larvae, thus more useful for general introductions or in high crops. When possible use larvae for hotspot treatments.

Storage and transport

  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Transport and store at 43-50°F.
  • Use within 18 hours of receipt.

Questions about Cryptobug Larvae Bottle 1,000 count?

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Product Uses
Use For:
Mealybugs Spp.
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