Orius insidiosus


Key Features

Orius insidiosus is not a mite, but in fact a true bug that is able to fly. Orius is commonly used as a thrips predator that feeds on all thrips life stages: larvae and adults. It also feeds on mites, aphids, caterpillars, and small insect eggs. In the absence of prey, it is capable of feeding on pollen and plant exudates. We have found these to be very effective in the flowering stage of cannabis gardens. Apply Orius when pest populations are low for better control.

• Orius is the only biological control agent that kills adult thrip

  • orius nymph stage• Can kill up to 80 adult thrips per day (while only feeding on a few).
  • • Establishes well on pollen-rich crops.

  • • Feeding Ephestia eggs (Bug Food E) will enhance the establishment of Orius due to increased fecundity.

  • • All five Orius nymph stages are also predatory and adults can fly.

  • • Considered a generalist predator it will also feed on mites, moth eggs and other pests.

  • • Takes 4 to 8 weeks to establish a population.


How It Works

  • • All mobile stages are voracious predators of Western Flower thrips and will attack any developmental stage including adults.

  • • Often used in a program with predatory mites in crops such as peppers, where it will quickly establish when feeding on the target pest as well as pollen.

  • • Introducing Amblyseius cucumeris or swirskii will control young thrips, and the Orius will complement this by preying on both juvenile and adult thrips.


***For a more in-depth look at how to use this predator effectively, including detailed information on life-cycle and application rates, please visit this link.***