Dalotia (Atheta) coriaria


Key Features

Dalotia (Atheta) is a soil dwelling rove beetle. It is an effective predator of fungus gnat larvae, shore fly eggs, pupating thrips, as well as other small, soft bodied arthropods in and around your rooting system. Dalotia are capable of flight and adapt well to various growth media including rock wool and coconut fiber. Results have been impressive when used in conjunction with Stratiolaelaps to help prevent root aphids.

How It Works

• Introduced early in the growing season with careful management, good populations will build up in the greenhouse to give high levels of control.

• Fast-moving predator effective at a wide temperature range of 54-95°F/12-35°C.

• Belongs to a family of beetles renowned for aggressive feeding behavior, particularly on soil-dwelling larvae of small Diptera species.



***For a more in-depth look at how to use this predator effectively, including detailed information on life-cycle and application rates, please visit this link.***