Aphidius colemani


Key Features

Aphidius colemani is a parasitic wasp that lays eggs in smaller aphid species, like the green peach and melon aphids. Aphid mummies turn a light brown color before adult Aphidius colemani emerge. The optimal temperature range for Aphidius colemani is between 68 and 77℉. Activity diminishes above 86˚F. Aphidius colemani are not effective against larger aphid species such as foxglove or potato aphid.

When using Aphidius keep in mind

• They are best used preventatively, or soon after aphids are detected.

• Aphidius needs 10-14 days to complete its life cycle.

• Unlike Aphidoletes, the Aphidius wasps do not go into diapause and are unaffected by daylength.

• Compatible with banker plants



***For a more in-depth look at how to use this predator effectively, including detailed information on life-cycle and application rates, please visit this link.***